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Hearing loops canada.

Through a strategic partnership, The ITSS Canada Hearing Assistive Technology Group has brought Hearing Loops Canada to Eastern Canada.  As Canada's #1 hearing assistive technology experts, Hearing Loops Canada is also a leading authorized and certified Contacta Systems partner.
Established in 1970, Contacta Systems is the global leader and manufacturer of hearing assistive technology.  Their solutions are the most technologically advanced, most reliable and feature-packed in today's market.

 √  Design

Our team ensures the proper design for your application and needs.  We work closely with our customers to review their environment and requirements to ensure that we deliver the right solution to meet their needs every time.

 √  Maintenance

With regular preventative maintenance visits, we ensure your equipment is inspected and maintained to the highest standards.  Our Preventative Planned Maintenance program is designed to ensure the technology delivers the best customer experience and inclusive environment possible.

 √  Installation

With the largest number of certified Contacta installers and technicians, we ensure the right solution for the right environment every time.  All of our technicians have years of experience designing and installing critical technology infrastructure.  

 √  Training and Community

We believe training and education are fundamental to building inclusive environments.  We spend time with stakeholders ensuring they understand the technology and how to ensure it is used properly.  From our community partners, integrators & installers our team is committed to ensuring everyone has the knowledge necessary.

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Window intercom /

speech transfer systems.


With the help of technology, speech can be transferred effectively through obstacles such as glazed partitions and other security barriers, meaning your customers and staff can converse flawlessly and freely.


We design, install, and support only the highest quality speech transfer systems for a wide range of needs. With fully certified and trained design and installation technicians, we have experience in ensuring that your business is accessible to everyone. Our systems include Contacta’s full open-duplex amplifier, a microphone to suit the environment, and an integrated hearing loop aerial, ensuring everyone has the ability to hear clearly with minimal background noise.


Service Desks

 Ticket Counters

Information Booths

Retail Check-outs

Healthcare Check-ins

Drive-thru & pick-up windows


Window Intercom / Speech Transfer Systems can be used in a variety of settings as a way to help break build inclusive environments:




(INDUCTION Loop) Technology.

Hearing loops (also known as induction loops) are an assistive listening technology installed in millions of locations throughout the world, providing the accessibility many need to engage and communicate freely.

Devices such as hearing aids amplify all sounds.  In noisy environments, this can make it difficult for those living with hearing loss to distinguish the speech, music or conversation they are trying to hear.

Hearing loops improve communication by enabling users to hear sound sources directly by cutting out background noise.


When signs indicate that a hearing loop system is installed, all a user needs to do is turn their hearing device to the ‘T’ position and they will be able to hear with clarity.

A hearing loop provides a direct link to the sound source such as a microphone or television so people with hearing loss can clearly hear what they are trying to listen to. Speech is picked up by a microphone, converted to a magnetic signal by an amplifier, and transmitted towards a user via a hearing loop aerial.

The magnetic signal is then picked up by a telecoil within a user’s hearing device and they will be able to hear with clarity.

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1:1 hearing loops.


1 to 1 hearing loops are used in a variety of environments such as bank counters, ticket offices and supermarket checkouts.  They assist in situations where conversations between two people takes place.  

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large area hearing loops.


Large area hearing loops are installed in settings where a large number of people can benefit from a superior listening experience, such as theatres, classrooms and conference centres.


INTEGRATED hearing loops.

Integrated hearing loops are used in systems such as ticket machines, door entry intercoms and supermarket checkouts. They allow self-service counters, help points and a variety of automated machines to provide audio instruction to those with hearing loss.


Infrared systems.


Our infrared systems use invisible light to carry audio signals wirelessly between a transmitter and receivers. Transmitters flood infrared light into venues so that the required area is covered, allowing users to pick up an audio signal using a range of compatible IR receivers.


These systems are ideal for venues where confidentiality is important or users need to move between areas with different sound sources.

Radio frequency systems.

Our radio frequency systems use wireless radio waves to transmit sound directly to listening options such as headphones or inductive neckloops.


This range includes portable as well as large-scale transmitters; large scale transmitters work across a wide array of environments, while portable transmitters enable tour guidance in educational or entertainment venues. Signals are transmitted through walls, glass partitions, ceilings or other obstacles.


about contacta systems ltd.

Contacta Systems Ltd. based in the UK is the global leader in assistive hearing technology.  Contacta has been designing and manufacturing hearing assistive technology for 50 years and is clearly the market leader.

We are proud to be Canada's leading authorized and certified Contacta partner.

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