ITSS Canada brings contacta systemS solutions to eastern canada through strategic partnership

Bringing Barrier Free Hearing From Coast to Coast

Hearing Loops Canada (HLC), an Alberta based company, is expanding into Eastern Canada with a focus on building inclusive environments and removing communication barriers, either caused by as hearing impairment and/or a sound barrier (such as plexiglass), that have been installed for protection.

We have partnered with HLC and Contacta Systems Ltd. of the UK (the global leader in hearing assistive technology), to accelerate their growth and coverage in Canada.  ITSS Canada has had a longstanding partnership with Duane Melchert, founder and president of HLC.  Given the growing demand for hearing assistive technologies across enterprise and public section organizations we have formed Hearing Loops Canada East.   

With the most certified design and installation technicians in the field, HLC is Canada's #1 hearing assistive technology experts and we are proud to be part of the team.  Continue to follow our progress and check-out what we do -

Business Development Contacts:

Phone: 1 (833) 323-7897

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