Voice for microsoft teams.

If you're thinking of deploying Voice for Microsoft Teams contact us.

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 √  Integrated Platform

Fully hosted Direct Routing platform completed integrated with Microsoft

 √  Flexibility

Integrate as you wish - pure Voice for Teams or integrate with other UCaaS solutions. 

 √  Control & Scale

Automated provisioning provides control to turn up and scale capacity instantly.  Have users turned up instantly.

 √  Enterprise & Carrier Infrastructure

World class, carrier grade, geo redundant network with leading support.


WHy are top organizations choosing the leading Direct routing platform? 

 √  Financial benefits of a fully hosted, fully integrated Microsoft Direct Routing platform. 

     Choose from per user or shared trunk / call path plans. 

 √  Fully Automated Provisioning Portal (new users to be and up running making Teams PSTN calls in <1 hour)

 √  Licensed Carrier (single POC), with no intermediary or go-between


 √  24x7 support, global fully geo-redundant, HA, carrier grade network 

 √   Simplified provisioning and eliminating the need to use Powershell

 √  Ability to keep existing numbers and add new numbers

 √  Comprehensive & proven on-boarding